Should Real Estate Education be Introduced to Our School Curriculum?

Should Real Estate Education be Introduced to Our School Curriculum?

The school curriculum is something that is often discussed in terms of its development and improvement, it is very important to ensure that the education our kids are getting is current and relevant to the world today so as to best prepare them for what life will be like when they get out of the educational system. I think that there are plenty of opportunities for growth within many education establishments around the world and making changes to the curriculum is just the beginning. It is important to remember when suggesting a change to the syllabus and the subjects that are being taught, that you think about how long a subject will be relevant and how valuable the skills really are.

There are many ways that people could suggest educational improvements but one that has often been discussed is adding real estate education. This has many opportunities to help young people with entering the reality of the world we live in with buying and selling property being a great career option to have as well a just having some basic industry knowledge.

This article will weigh up the benefits of adding real estate education to the school curriculum in many parts of the world, it will also look at some other subjects that may be appropriate as well as how this curriculum addition could influence the future generation and their career prospects. So continue reading if you want to make a better informed decision surrounding this, and if you feel that it is something you agree with you could suggest it to your local school authority and have a discussion.

Benefits of Teaching Real Estate

One of the biggest benefits of teaching real estate at an earlier educational age would have to be that it sets interested students up for a great career and future. The real estate world has many employment opportunities with exceptional students going on to get high-ranking and high-paying jobs that last a lifetime. If some students are not as interested, however the skills that could be taught in these classes are transferable to many other industries as well as simply teaching good life skills.

It is safe to assume that a high percentage of students will go on to buy a house at some point in their lives, with background education on real estate you are providing people with the tools to make good property buying decisions and set them up for the rest of their lives. teaching about real estate is not just something for people with career prospects in the industry and can instead help tailor the syllabus to the modern world with skills that are actually going to be used.

Are There More Important Subjects

A counterargument that could be applied to adding real estate education to the school curriculum could be that there are other subjects that could be considered a priority. Many share the opinion that classes on things like managing taxes or employment preparation take presidnet over real estate education. This doesn’t mean that it never will be added but with the world changing at the rate that it currently is, it is more important than ever to ensure the subjects that our schools are teaching remain relevant to society today.

Although it should be noted that some of these required skills would come up within a real estate curriculum, so a starting point for this necessary development could be to come up with an umbrella course that covers each of these things. That way you can be sure everything your child should know before leaving school is taught and covered in detail.

Application to The Real World

Another huge benefit of implementing real estate into the education system would have to be how much it can be applied to the real world. Many subjects are very broad in how much they will be needed when you eventually finish school, real estate education leads to a direct career where you have the opportunity to be very successful.

You will also learn things like how to settle a deal and increase your chance of finalizing a sale with a client, you will also learn about buying property and how different areas can affect the deal. With companies becoming more present within the real estate industry it seems necessary that these skills are being taught.

Company Support of The Idea

Local company – Sell My House 7 has been recognized for its influence in the industry and its support of adding real estate education to the syllabus. We buy houses in Georgia by providing cash offers for homes, is a company quote showing just one of the services that they offer as well as their focus on fair offers and, how they are a respected real estate business to be taken seriously. If a successful company within an industry like that can support and see the benefits of testing a syllabus change then I would argue that it would be worth it.

Future of The Real Estate Industry

If the suggestion is accepted by the educational powers then we could see a huge boost in the real estate industry in the future, as it is encouraged to consider this career path from a young age more and more people will at least consider going for that opportunity. Even if some students do not want to work in real estate at least they will have benefited from learning about the processes that take place.

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