How to Stay Focused While Studying?

How to Stay Focused While Studying?

Having undivided focus while studying is so severe, and it doesn’t stick to one particular age group. Everyday students battle with electronic gadgets, social media, procrastination and time management to attain focus and concentration.

As students start a new year in school, it comes with many new challenges one has never seen. Students crave for motivation and study somewhat remotely. The essence of learning has died while competing with all the unseen monsters.

While focusing on studying can pose a sense of difficulty, here are few tips that will help you win the battle for utmost focus:

Create a suitable environment:

It is always the environment that distracts us while we are trying to study. It might be the TV in the background, kids running around the hall, someone near you talking over the cellphone, your phone buzzing with notifications, etc. A perfect environment with no distraction aids in better concentration to study.

Clear your desk, pile up your books and notes with stationery, have water and eat with you so that you do not have to get up frequently. Please turn off your mobile phone and keep it in another room. Only have electronic gadgets like a laptop or tablet that is required to study.

Make a study plan:

Organizing your syllabus and setting goals is another way to ensure focus throughout your study time. Fix a routine and stick to it judiciously. To warm up your mind before studying, clean your room, organize your books, list a to-do list and have a cup of coffee to re-energize your brain and body.

In your study routine, have 5 minutes break and indulge in fun activities like journaling or reciting your notes like a song. These kinds of activities will make studying exciting and cool.

Block distracting apps on your electronic gadgets:

If you have to study on your mobile phone or tablet, block or mute all the frequently used apps. Even a little pop-up notification can cause disturbance while learning, and you’ll end up using your mobile phone.

You have many apps that assist in blocking other app’s notifications and messages. Few apps even lock those distracting apps for a particular period, say until you’re studying routine ends. Use these tools not to divert yourself from studies and lose focus.

Divide your study-time schedule:

A complete 2 hours studying might be overwhelming to students. With lots of syllabi to cover and homework to do, this will stress the students out. Instead of having a full 2-hour routine for studying, divide your period into multiple parts and have a 5 min break for every amount of time. A mere 5-minute break will help you breathe out of the stress and retain all the information you’ve studied.

Cramming for 3 hours straight will do nothing. Students might forget everything they’ve studied the next day itself. Focus on smaller periods with a tiny break. Drink water, do deep breathing exercises or doodle up and dive back into your syllabus.

Have tools to help you study:

There is a vast difference between holding a book and just reading and having the right tools to organize, mark and prioritize things to study. Highlighters, post kits, markers, to-do lists, a couple of pens and notebooks and some soothing music to focus on, helps a great deal in studying.

Some digital tools assist in studying. Memos, music apps with sorted playlist, etc. save a lot of money and time. A to-do list helps in prioritizing your work, highlighters, markers and post will make your study routine focused and colourful, pens and notebooks will help you jot down points that will help you later in revision.

Keep track of all the tasks:

Keeping track of all the tasks achieved daily/weekly/monthly will ensure no overlapping of functions again. A trail of tasks accomplished/ about to do is essential for two reasons; 1. it gives you a fair detail of what you are doing and whether you can complete your goals, 2. if you are not able to do a task written down, that means you have underestimated, and it needs more concentration that you thought of,

Writing down a list of tasks and completing it gives you a sense of productivity and will keep you motivated to study.

  1. Exercise is the key to everything:

We mistake that exercise is only for unfit people or only for the body. Exercising daily keeps you active and pumps up your energy level. Any physical activity increases blood flow to your brain, making it healthy. At least 30 minutes of any physical activity or exercise has shown improvement in focus and overall development.

Make time out of your schedule and exercise daily. It doesn’t matter how insignificant the physical activity or period is until you feel active and motivated.

Music therapy:

Most of the students find instrumental and classical music helpful in retaining focus for more extended periods. Wearing a pair of earphones and headphones will stop you from hearing any distraction from the outside environment. People won’t interrupt you frequently and slow beats, lo-fi music helps you concentrate on studying and also better memory retention.

Many studies have shown that music aids in greater memory power and high concentration levels in any specific work. Music calms one’s thoughts and impulse and puts them in a better mood for doing anything they want to do.

Start and end the study routine daily at the same time:

A continuous period is assigned to one specific task every day, turning the brain into doing it without prepping it or forcing it to focus. Also, this will help students lead a balanced life. A proper schedule will ensure that the student eats and rest well. An imbalance in the routine can lead to stress and health problems.

Every person needs to rest and have 8 hours of sleep to function well. Studying for a better future is essential, but not at the cost of damaging your health. Prepare a schedule, follow it, and have a balanced life. A healthy lifestyle will promote productivity and motivation to study and work.

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