Best Tools to help your child build Resilience

Best Tools to help your child build Resilience

It is very important to build certain skills in a child from an early age. One of the most important skills that need to be developed in a child is Resilience.

Resilience means the ability of a person to handle every tough situation with a strong personality and getting up even stronger after every fall.

Surviving in the competitive and difficult world requires resilience. Learning resilience during the school time helps children with their all round development. Resilience helps in different aspects such as:

  • Building their personality
  • Help in academic
  • Face any difficult situation
  • Building strong personality
  • Achieve success

Following are some of the best tools that help children build resilience.

Sleeping Schedule

It is very important for a child to get enough sleep. Lack of sleep can cause a number of problems.

There should be a proper sleeping schedule which both the parents and child must follow.

Along with this they should build the habit of taking baths and reading stories before going to bed. This will comfort the child with healthy and good sleep.

Time Management

Teaching time management is an important skill that a child must acquire from a very young age. This will help them to complete and manage their work on time.

Managing time for various activities is very important. It will lead to all round development.

They should manage their time in such a manner that

  • They can learn some extra skills and have knowledge about the current affairs along with their school subjects. This will help them, become more creative and intuitive.
  • They can take some time to participate in outdoor and sports activities. This will create a sense of refreshment and also help in both physical and mental development.

Time management also includes scheduling the time for using the electrical devices such as mobiles.

Nowadays children are getting addicted to electrical devices. They spend hours on them.

Parents should keep a check on the usage of these devices by their children. There must be a proper time schedule for using these devices.

Habit of procrastination should be strictly avoided.

Giving Responsibilities

If a child is given responsibilities from a very young age, they tend to build a strong and self sufficient personality.

As a kid they should be given responsibilities such as,

  • Getting dressed on their own
  • Making their bed before going to sleep and after getting up
  • Cleaning their dishes
  • Folding clothes and many more

Parents need to give them appreciation after the completion of work. If they get failed while performing it, they should not be punished but get appreciation for all the efforts they put in it.

They should be taught how being responsible is beneficial for them. This will help them in future also while managing things on their own.

Strong Parental Relation

Parents must build a strong parental relation with their child.

There must be a strong parental emotional relationship with trust. This will motivate the child to seek help and guidance to face the difficult situations.

They will share their problems and challenges with their parents easily.

These all can happen if parents spend more time with their child. They should talk with them about anything and make them comfortable in sharing things.

Parents should not take their child’s problem for granted. They need to be very serious towards each and every problem of their child.

They should also teach their child how to manage the stress caused due to any reason. Both of them should have healthy relationships, and then only it is possible that children share their problems with them.

Taking Healthy Risks

None can have the success if they don’t take the risks.

Habit of taking healthy risks must be developed in kids from the beginning. They should know the positive impacts of taking risks.

They should be taught the fact that if they don’t get out of their comfort zone and take risks, they will never achieve something more extraordinary.

Parents must always have the back of their child. This will help them not to be afraid while taking the risks.

Developing Problem Solving Skills

To develop resilience in the child it is important to develop the problem solving skills in them in the first place.

They should be taught that every problem comes with its solution. All that is required is the patience and thinking capacity.

Parents should help their child to help them understand the process of solving every problem. They must be appreciated for solving the problems too.

And if the child feels the difficulties while solving any problem, parents should help them.

Accepting Mistakes

It is important to make the child understand that committing mistakes is not wrong but repeating it is. And if they have committed any mistake, they should accept it without any fear.

Parents should teach them the need to accept mistakes for their personal growth.

Children should not be punished for committing mistakes if they accept it. They should be motivated for improving them and not repeating them.

Parents also need to accept if they are wrong as in most of the cases, children learn from their parents’ example.

Along with this children must be taught that a person should not be judged by the mistakes he makes.

Developing Healthy Lifestyle

Children must develop a healthy lifestyle. It includes

  • Getting up on time
  • Going to sleep on time
  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Participating in physical activities
  • Learning new skills and many more.

They must be aware of all the benefits that come along with the development of a healthy lifestyle.

Development of Optimism

Optimism is linked to resilience. It is very important for a person to be optimistic, to be more resilient.

Some children are naturally more optimistic. But it is something that can be taught and developed.

Parents can teach their child to see the positivity in every situation. And have a positive attitude towards everything and everyone.

Development of self confidence

Children need to be self confident. They should be taught how they can improve their self confidence.

Parents should support them at every step. This will create a sense of confidence in them.


By using all of the above tools, Resilience can be developed in the child.

Proper guidance should be given to the children. They should not be pressurised in excess to follow them.

Along with the child, parents should also follow these tools. Children spend most of the time with them and this will help them to develop resilience really fast.

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