The College Student’s Guide To Overcoming The Stress of Exam Week

The College Student's Guide To Overcoming The Stress of Exam Week

When the exam period comes around it can be very difficult to keep on top of everything you need to do as a college student, the overwhelming amount of stress can become unbearable very easily so it is down to you to look at ways that you can relax and manage your time to prevent a meltdown. It is no secret that people who go through college can find the process too much to handle but implementing processes into your life to make it easier and clearly see which areas you need to work on can save time and unnecessary stress.

The college process is something that takes a lot of time. If you are not putting in the time and effort to do well in your college time then it is likely that when exam week comes you will experience more stress than someone who has been working throughout the year. If you have left it late to start caring about your college qualifications then do not worry as you still have the chance to turn things around.

This article will be looking at ways that college students can reduce their stress levels and manage their remaining time at college to get the best possible result in examinations. Some of the steps on this list are very easy to implement into your life, and the results they can bring are very beneficial so I would urge you to give them a try if you fit the criteria.


A good night’s sleep is very important in allowing you to function at the best possible level throughout the day, if you are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis this can have a huge effect on your body so it is an urgent matter that you should immediately work on. When you are going through the exam season without sleeping you may also notice that your brain is not at the right level to function properly and you lose concentration very easily. This is why it is so important that you are getting a minimum of seven hours of sleep each night to ensure you are well-rested enough to get on with your studies.

Diet and Exercise

Another way that stress can be caused during exam week is through your health and fitness and what you eat on a regular basis. Your diet and overall health are very important when it comes to energy levels and ensuring that your body is functioning at the highest possible level for success. If you notice that you are lacking energy why not try cooking yourself a balanced and healthy meal that could seriously turn your mood around. It is better to do your college work and revision when the body has been properly fueled as hunger can make you distracted from your work.

If you are feeling particularly under pressure then I would highly recommend going for a run or workout to take your mind away from the things stressing you out. Doing a short stint of exercise can help relieve the brain and clear your thoughts ready to get back to your college work.

Benefits of CBD

One way that you can relieve stress throughout the exam season that has become very popular over the last few years would have to be to use CBD. CBD is a supplement product that is designed to help you relax and get a better night’s sleep. With multiple health and relaxation benefits if the workload of your college course is getting too much to handle I would recommend that you give CBD a try. The great thing about using CBD is that it comes in many forms to suit any lifestyle, with easy to use CBD drops that can be added to your food and drink and a vast selection of CBD products at New Phase Blends you should be able to find something with the right strength and dosage to meet your requirements and help you wind down after a long study session.

Time Management

Another way that you can really save yourself some stress when the exams come around would be to ensure that you are managing your time well. This is very important in the study process as you need to be sure that you are splitting your time evenly across all of the work that you need to complete. A great way to do this would be to work out how much time you need to spend working on each module and splitting your week into a timetable that you can use within the revision process.

Organization of Work

Timetabling your time is just one aspect of the organization that you should consider when starting your revision, it is also important that your revision material is kept in a tidy state so that you are able to find what you need as soon as possible. If all of your notes and revision materials are left in chaos then you may find that you are causing yourself unnecessary stress and wasting time that could otherwise be spent going over all of the relevant information for your exams. If you have not already, I would invest in some kind of filing system to allow you to keep on top of everything that is necessary while you are studying. You are also much more likely to lose something important if you do not keep everything organized.

Should More Schools Have A Video Game Club: An Opinion

Should More Schools Have A Video Game Club

Video Games are an integral part of a lot of young people’s lives. They give you something to do on rainy days, there a good way to challenge yourself to reach goals and arguably the best thing of all, they are a great way to make friends.

These days multiplayer games run the market, working together with other people to win a battle royale, find a killer or build a complex world are key parts of some of the most popular games in the world at the moment. So, should we be encouraging more kids to play games through an after-school gaming club? Let’s talk about it.

  • What are the benefits of playing video games?

Video games provide a lot of great benefits to developing young people. Playing games like first-person shooters has proven to improve hand-eye coordination if young people play them during their formative years.

This will help kids improve tasks that require good dexterity and finesse, a great skill to have throughout your life. Video games, especially ones that include more violent actions have actually proven to reduce violent tendencies in kids contrary to popular opinion. Studies show that violent video games act as an outlet for frustration allowing kids to destress in a way that doesn’t hurt anyone else instead of letting it build up.

  • How should the clubs work?

If you ask me, a weekly club that allows kids to come together to play a video game should be available to those who want it. They could run on a weekly basis, and each week the kids could vote for what game they want to play together next week. They could be new games or older ones, but I think to make it as beneficial as possible they should focus on games that everyone could play together.

For example, if they said that when it comes out, everyone can come to the video game club to play the new Call of Duty Vanguard, you have the kids working in teams and against each other at the same time. This not only encourages teamwork but stokes healthy competition between other teams. If you were going to one of these clubs, you could even get some call of duty vanguard hacks at veteran cheats to get a leg up on the other students.

The importance of a club like this is very important for kids who may not be as into the sports clubs that often permeate after-school activities. Having a club like this will allow those more introverted kids to have a place to go to find other like-minded students to bond with.

  • What’s so important about teamwork?

Cooperation and teamwork are such important factors to a young kid’s development. I think it can be quite easy to forget how important the social aspect of growing up is. Being isolated as a kid can be very damaging to their development in the future.

Giving young kids who are all into the same hobby that isn’t as traditionally popular a safe space to come together and bond with the thing they all love? It’s crucial and I don’t think we should overlook that. Also having the ability to set up mini tournaments and competitions between the students would be great to encourage a safe and healthy competition.

Competition is also important for developing young people as it encourages kids to always try their best. It will often make them more inquisitive and independent preparing them for the world ahead of them.

How to Overcome the Overwhelming Stress of Being a Student

How to Overcome the Overwhelming Stress of Being a Student

Being a student is something that we all experience at some point in our lives. Legally, we are all required to have some form of education in order to become valued members of society. Some people thrive when it comes to being a student, as they enjoy the order and the set tasks that come with being a student.

In your early years, school is quite straightforward, as you are only really learning the basics. However, as you are probably aware, education becomes much more challenging. Due to just how challenging education can be, many people choose to abandon it once they have done their legally required years and earned their high school diploma. However, there are some careers that require you to have a certain level of education. For this reason, even if someone does not enjoy education, they are required to continue with it so that they can pursue their dream career.

As you can imagine, studying at a higher level can be incredibly stressful. For most of your higher-level exams, you only really get one chance. This only makes achieving success all the more important, as you have once shot to get it right and you may not be able to do it again.

If you are someone that is considering pursuing further education, you may be concerned about becoming overwhelmed by stress. This is a reasonable fear, as many people that take part in further education often express just how stressful the experience can be. We do not want you to be prevented from pursuing a further education due to stress and so we have compiled some student tips on how to overcome the overwhelming stress that they often feel.

Showing up to Class

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of students make is simply not turning up to their lectures and seminars. It can be tempting to skip, as college can be an exciting time and you would much rather be doing other stuff like parties and hanging out with friends. Students have a bad habit of encouraging other students to skip too, so you may feel like skipping is no big deal and everyone is doing it.

You can get away with missing a lecture every now and again as long as you keep up, but if you develop a pattern of missing lectures, then you may find yourself in a difficult situation. College can be overwhelming for people that are up to date and it can be extremely easy to fall behind if you are not turning up to your classes.

Once you start to fall behind, you will find yourself really struggling to focus on all of your classes and the stress will start to set in. Exams and assignments are usually due at the most random time, so it is not like you have the entire year to go over what you have missed and while you are going over the classes you have missed, you will get confused within your current classes.

Turning up to your hassle with save you a lot of stress and allow you to have a bit of downtime when you are not in class, as you will not be trying to catch with classes that you did not attend.

Use CBD/ Similar Products

With exam season coming up, something that you will likely notice is more and more students engaging in CBD or similar product usage. CBD is completely legal and it is a great way to destress and relax after a hard day of classes or revising.

There are many ways in which people take CBD and one of the most popular ways is through vaping, which is not allowed in many dorms so be sure to read your dorm rules before purchasing a vape.

If you are someone that is under extreme stress, then we recommend that you look into CBDA. CBDA is not too dissimilar from CBD, but it is much stronger and has proven to be a very effective method when dealing with stress. Not only is it great for stress, but it has also been proven to have antidepressant properties, so if you have really been feeling the pressure of college life, you should consider looking up the best CBDA oil that you can buy. Buying it in oil form will work best for you if you are staying in college accommodation, as you can just put it in your food and you will not need to vape it, which may be against your accommodation rules.

Spend Time With Friends

Another big mistake that many college students make is getting too dedicated to their studies and becoming overly stressed because of it. College is a time for new experiencing and making lifelong friends, which you will never be able to do when you are spending all of your time in your room studying.

Doing nothing but focusing on your studies is a surefire way to become overwhelmed and extremely stressed very quickly. It would be in your best interest to avoid doing this and instead give yourself a break between studying.

Spending time with friends is a good way to give each other a bit of a distraction from all of the hard work that you are doing and will give you a chance to hang out. You are also more likely to laugh when with friends, which is proven to help relieve stress.

A Guide to Pest Control Jobs, Salaries & Educational Requirements

Pest control workers are the unsung heroes of the world. For many people, pest control is not a career that they dream of pursuing, but without pest control workers the world would be out of control.  

Not only do we simply not want unwanted visitors in our homes, but pests can also carry a long list of diseases. These diseases can seriously harm humans and we can catch them from coming into contact with items that pests also come into contact with.  

As you know, pests tend to aim for our food supplies and so before you even know they are in your home, you could easily indulge in food items that they have been in contact with. For most people, dealing with pests is not something that they can handle, as they can be very scary and hard to get rid of. This is why we depend so much on trained pest control professionals and without them, many people could get sick or injured.  

A career in pest control is often laughed at and described as unskilled, but this could not be further from the truth. They don’t just let anyone become a pest control professional, and you have to have a whole world of knowledge and intensive training to be prepared for the job at hand.  

If you are someone that is leaping onto the career ladder or you are thinking of changing your career, you may be considering pest control. There is no wonder why, as pest control can be very well paying and extremely fulfilling. However, as I previously stated, you can not just walk into a pest control job and there are certain qualifications and education that you must receive before you can pursue a career in pest control. Here is a guide to what is expected of you as a pest control worker and which educational requirements you must have in order to get the job. 



 Much like any job, the requirements needed to start a career in pest control varies depending on where you live in the world. As the majority of our knowledge is based on pest control in the US, we will be discussing the US requirements for starting a career in pest control. 

To start off with, the very basic education that you will need is a high school diploma. This is the standard for most jobs, as achieving your high school diploma means that you are competent at both Math and English, which is a requirement for most careers that you can choose to follow.  

If you are someone that did not finish high school, do not worry. If you get in touch with your local educational board, you can study something known as a GED. This will give you all of the knowledge necessary to be ready for the working world and is accepted at the same level as a high school diploma. You will have to pay a fee to get your GED, but once you have it, a lot of doors and career opportunities will be open to you.  

In the majority of states, you are required to have a license in order to become a pest control worker. These licenses are quite easy to get, but to get one you do usually need to sit an exam of sorts.  

When you venture into pest control, it is unlikely that you will start with your own business right away. For this reason, you will likely join a pre-existing pest control company. They will support you in the process of getting your qualification to be able to practice pest control and because you will be working through an already established business, it is likely that you will not have to pay. 

Instead of revising from books and from the internet ahead of your exams, you can get on-the-job experience and learn from people that have years of experience in pest control. There is nothing better than getting first-hand experience, as you are more likely to remember events than you are words in a book.  



 When you are working in pest control, it is expected that you have advanced knowledge of the pests that you will be dealing with. When you start a pest control job, it is unlikely that you will see the actual pest straight away.  

For this reason, you have to depend on your own knowledge to diagnose a problem. It is often the case that the person that has reported the pest is unable to identify them too, as many of them can look alike. They will try to describe what they see to you and you will have to try and find a solution based on this description. This is why having a good base of knowledge is important, as it will allow you to find a solution to their problem much sooner.  

You have to be able to remember a lot of details about individual pests, as this is crucial to ensuring that you can do your job to a high standard. For example, you will need to be able to identify what the pest’s droppings look like and what marks they make when they bite. This is something that will take you some time to develop knowledge of, which means that it is very important that you try and develop this knowledge during your training time.  


Going into this job without the right knowledge could be detrimental to the health of local wildlife. This is why it is so important that you develop the right knowledge and you get to know all of the animals that you will be facing. There is a big difference between all of the pests that you will be dealing with, as some may be bugs and some may be bigger animals. You will not be using the same extermination methods for the same creatures and so it is important that you know how to get rid of gophers as well as you know how to get rid of smaller creatures, as advanced knowledge of all pests is a must-have. 

Should Real Estate Education be Introduced to Our School Curriculum?

Should Real Estate Education be Introduced to Our School Curriculum?

The school curriculum is something that is often discussed in terms of its development and improvement, it is very important to ensure that the education our kids are getting is current and relevant to the world today so as to best prepare them for what life will be like when they get out of the educational system. I think that there are plenty of opportunities for growth within many education establishments around the world and making changes to the curriculum is just the beginning. It is important to remember when suggesting a change to the syllabus and the subjects that are being taught, that you think about how long a subject will be relevant and how valuable the skills really are.

There are many ways that people could suggest educational improvements but one that has often been discussed is adding real estate education. This has many opportunities to help young people with entering the reality of the world we live in with buying and selling property being a great career option to have as well a just having some basic industry knowledge.

This article will weigh up the benefits of adding real estate education to the school curriculum in many parts of the world, it will also look at some other subjects that may be appropriate as well as how this curriculum addition could influence the future generation and their career prospects. So continue reading if you want to make a better informed decision surrounding this, and if you feel that it is something you agree with you could suggest it to your local school authority and have a discussion.

Benefits of Teaching Real Estate

One of the biggest benefits of teaching real estate at an earlier educational age would have to be that it sets interested students up for a great career and future. The real estate world has many employment opportunities with exceptional students going on to get high-ranking and high-paying jobs that last a lifetime. If some students are not as interested, however the skills that could be taught in these classes are transferable to many other industries as well as simply teaching good life skills.

It is safe to assume that a high percentage of students will go on to buy a house at some point in their lives, with background education on real estate you are providing people with the tools to make good property buying decisions and set them up for the rest of their lives. teaching about real estate is not just something for people with career prospects in the industry and can instead help tailor the syllabus to the modern world with skills that are actually going to be used.

Are There More Important Subjects

A counterargument that could be applied to adding real estate education to the school curriculum could be that there are other subjects that could be considered a priority. Many share the opinion that classes on things like managing taxes or employment preparation take presidnet over real estate education. This doesn’t mean that it never will be added but with the world changing at the rate that it currently is, it is more important than ever to ensure the subjects that our schools are teaching remain relevant to society today.

Although it should be noted that some of these required skills would come up within a real estate curriculum, so a starting point for this necessary development could be to come up with an umbrella course that covers each of these things. That way you can be sure everything your child should know before leaving school is taught and covered in detail.

Application to The Real World

Another huge benefit of implementing real estate into the education system would have to be how much it can be applied to the real world. Many subjects are very broad in how much they will be needed when you eventually finish school, real estate education leads to a direct career where you have the opportunity to be very successful.

You will also learn things like how to settle a deal and increase your chance of finalizing a sale with a client, you will also learn about buying property and how different areas can affect the deal. With companies becoming more present within the real estate industry it seems necessary that these skills are being taught.

Company Support of The Idea

Local company – Sell My House 7 has been recognized for its influence in the industry and its support of adding real estate education to the syllabus. We buy houses in Georgia by providing cash offers for homes, is a company quote showing just one of the services that they offer as well as their focus on fair offers and, how they are a respected real estate business to be taken seriously. If a successful company within an industry like that can support and see the benefits of testing a syllabus change then I would argue that it would be worth it.

Future of The Real Estate Industry

If the suggestion is accepted by the educational powers then we could see a huge boost in the real estate industry in the future, as it is encouraged to consider this career path from a young age more and more people will at least consider going for that opportunity. Even if some students do not want to work in real estate at least they will have benefited from learning about the processes that take place.

A Look Into The Modern Techniques Students Are Using To Deal With Exam Anxiety

A Look Into The Modern Techniques Students Are Using To Deal With Exam Anxiety

Do you have exams coming?

Are you having trouble dealing with exam anxiety or do you lack motivation to do anything?

Well? That is understandable as we all are in some kind of stress during these tough times!

The good news is…

If you’re a student, there are various ways to deal with exam anxiety and it can surely help you develop good study habits and pass your exams with flying colors!

Have an open mind as you’re about to hear some revolutionary ideas when it comes to dealing with exam anxiety.

How to prepare for exams?

Here are a few useful tips on how to deal with exams:

  • Set up the environment. Make sure your study area is well-organized and the atmosphere is conducive for learning.
  • Plan on what to work on each study session. Break your study session to give you some time to internalize what you just read.
  • Encourage yourself to study over a longer period instead of cramming. Studying the last minute causes mental block and gives you trouble recalling your memory.
  • Reach out for help if you’re having trouble understand something.
  • Get a good sleep.

What modern techniques do students use to deal with exam anxiety?

Students use different techniques when studying for exams.

A great example would be the use of different study methods like SQ3R, PQ4R, and the Feynman technique.

You can also delve into the world of cannabis to help enhance your focus and ease your distracted mind.

There are hundreds types of cannabis available and choosing the right strain for your needs can be quite baffling.

The sativas strain is highly recommended as it stimulates the mind without making you feel sleepy.

Furthermore, here’s how the sativas strain can potentially help you deal with your exams:

  • Improved Mood
  • Increased Level of Creativity
  • Better Focus
  • Enhanced Energy Levels

The use of medical marijuana is definitely helpful in terms of helping you gain more focus while preparing for an exam. However, such a theory must be tested further for investigation regarding its efficacy.

Other Ways to Help You Deal With Exams

There are many other ways to help you deal with exams such as meditation and yoga before your study session.

Meditation can clear your mind and reduce anxiety. It can also help boost your concentration and increase the capacity of your working memory.

As a student, you should learn to practice focused awareness meditation as it trains you to bring your mind back to focus as soon as it drifted away.

In addition, there are different yoga poses that are aimed at helping you boost your memory during an exam.

The Trataka or yogic gazing is a yoga exercise that is aimed for improving memory and concentration and calms the mind.

As you can see, both yoga and meditation can really help calm your nerves while dealing with exams. Doing these techniques regularly is vital to reap its maximum benefits.

Can cannabis help you focus during an exam?

According to a Harvard study, most people’s mind will wander 47% of the time. There are many factors that cause the mind to drift away which could be internal or external.

Perhaps one of the most well-known techniques people believe in is the use of cannabis to help gain focus and clarity. There something in cannabis that produces “head high” in many people.

Experts believe that certain strains of cannabis stops the mind from thinking whatever else is going on in your body.

There’s also an assumption about the combination of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids resulting a different kind of high ranging from euphoria to relaxation.

In theory, with the right amount of it in your body, you’ll be able to condition your mind to focus during an exam.

In addition, it’s worth considering how you will achieve your high as smoking cannabis through vapes, pipes, and similar setups have a stronger effect.

If you’re smoking cannabis to help you focus and relax while taking an exam, it is best to do it 45 minutes to an hour before exam time.

Also, keep in mind the peak effects may not hit until about two hours. That also means, you should use high-quality seeds for best results.

If you’re looking for seed banks in Grand Rapids in Michigan, check out the Farmers Lab! You’ll be provided with high-quality cannabis seeds at an affordable rate.

What are the best cannabis strains that can help you deal with exam anxiety?

If you’re looking to really achieve enhanced focus while preparing or doing an exam, these strains are worth trying:

  • Lucid Blue
  • Red Congolose
  • Sour Breath

Let’s put emphasis on this:

The use of cannabis as a modern technique to help you deal with exam anxiety can be useful. However, it is also associated with side effects which you should be aware of.

Frankly, it’s really hard to tell what kind of side effects you may experience as we are all different and it will also depend on the kind of cannabis you are using.

Final Say

The idea of smoking cannabis to gain better focus might sound revolutionary considering there’s even a debate about the health outcomes that comes with it.

However, we should all consider that it works as proven by research and people who have been using it for years.

Using it as a modern technique to help students cope with exam anxiety is one of its potential benefits. While they’re generally said to help you concentrate, it is also essential to keep in mind the side effects that comes with it when abused.

Lastly, the most important thing while dealing with exams is to condition the mind and body to concentrate. A bit of yoga and meditation is said to help in terms of strengthening and boosting focus.

Have you got other modern techniques that can help?

Let us know!

Good luck and may you pass the exam!

Public Vs Private School: The Pros and Cons

School is the most important time for a developing child for more than one reason. Not only is it important to make sure they get the education that they need to thrive in the future, but school is important to developing social skills and is often where children make their first friends. But how do you decide what’s right for your child. Public and Private schools provide different positives and negatives which we are going to run through now to help you make the right decision for your child.

What’s the Difference?

The main defining factor between a Public and Private school is where the funding comes from. Public schools are paid for by the government, all the way from local funding to federal where are Private schools are paid for through tuition fees paid by the family of those who attend. For an example, a private school in Wellington FL would be paid through contributions from those who attend and their families whereas a public school would receive funding from the local Wellington government, the statewide Floridian government, and the federal US government. We will go into what effect that has on the schools further down but as a quick bitesize overview, that is the main considerable difference between the two.

What’s so good about Private Schools?

Since private schools are not funded directly by the different levels of government, they tend to have a little more freedom in how they build their curriculum. This can be good or bad depending on your personal opinion, but it is a massive draw for a lot of parents. Since they are often the ones paying for their child to be there, they can have a little more say at parents evening and open days about parents’ evenings about how their child is being taught since the schools do not want to lose that money. Obviously, you can’t tell the school to teach your child plain faced lies at your discretion but there is definitely more options than in a standard public school. The main con surrounding private schools is around the selection process. Trying to get your child into a private school can come with its own challenges, often times there will be some sort of interview as part of the selection process to see if you and your child are the right fit for the school. And with any selection process there unfortunately can be innate biases that effect the decision making. It’s unfortunate that it happens but it’s important to be aware of. Another good thing about private schools is the variety which they can come in. Not only are their private schools that function effectively like fancy public schools there are some private schools known as boarding schools. The difference here is that boarding schools not only provide a private school education but also provide on campus housing and food requirements. The idea here is that having the students living together creates a strong bond between students and there creates a more harmonious learning environment.

What about Public Schools?

The best thing about public schools is that they are easy they don’t require any advanced selection process. They are often less strict about uniform requirements and are more open to a diverse cast of students from many different walks of life. Pout of the two options this tends to be the best to prepare children socially for what is to come in real life. Private schools can be somewhat secular and sheltered but public school opens your children up to a much bigger range of voices and possible friends to make. This also means that there are usually a lot more students at a public school than there are at private schools. The negative here is that there is much less room for one-on-one teaching which can be harder for students that require a more individual and tailored approach to being taught in class. There is a certain reliability to public schools though, being publicly funded they have to meet certain expectations in their teaching curriculum and their grade standards. This means that every student in those schools is often given an equal opportunity learning environment. Another Major benefit that public schools have is a large variety of extracurricular opportunities. Since they tend to offer their services to children from all over the neighborhood they tend to create as much different sports, hobby and learning opportunities for outside of school hours in order to cater to that larger population of student intake. The biggest con to Public schools is budget cuts, depending on whereabouts you live, schools could be receiving less funding than in other areas of the countries. This reduced funding can lead to issues like increased class sizes, less resources, and less teachers at the top of their field in teaching. This can all make for an overall insufficient education for your child based on location since the tests taken at the end of the time at school are standardized federally. This means that you can do better or worse in your test just dependent on were in the country you are from.

Overall, deciding where to send your child should be decided based on individual needs. Try and figure out how best your child learns, and how reliant they are on getting the social aspect from schooling and start narrowing down the options from there