4 Best Educational Systems in the World

4 Best Educational Systems in the World

Education has ended up becoming the basic necessity for human existence, and people as well as countries have realised not only the importance of education but also the need and necessity for education. With this sudden realisations various economies have started working on their education systems and are putting in constant efforts to improve the quality of education in their country.

The future of the world lies in the hands of youth and the youngsters of the country so it becomes even more important to provide them with the right knowledge and skill set so that they can bring the best not only out of themselves but also out of the world. Here are the few countries who have been able to establish the best educational system throughout the world (in no particular order) which have been measured by different factors such as rankings, enrolment during early childhood, literacy rate, completion rates, graduation rates, test scores and reading ability.


Finland over the years has emerged to become one of the top educational systems in the world which even surpassed the USA in areas such as maths, science and reading. The reforms brought In the educational systems in the past few years have made the educational system very efficient and effective.

Few of the major reforms include no standardised test for the students and they can give exams voluntarily. They are being graded on the basis of themselves as individuals and a system which is established by teachers which focuses on holistic development of the kid. Also they believe to not pressurise the kid by too much of homework or outside work. The main aim is to create an atmosphere which does not involve stress and rather make the kids feel more comfortable and safe.

The teachers here try to teach the kids co-operation and not competition among themselves which is a very important thing for kids to learn. The necessary schooling years are only 9 years here unlike other countries which have 12 years which start from the age of 7. The educational system here is a dream, with free meals, and learning in a fun way. Finland has come a long way and has established itself as the prominent country in terms of education.


Since the middle ages Denmark has always worked on improving the quality of education provided in the country which has led to significant improvements in the educational system of the country. One of the primary focus earlier was on languages such as latin greek and philosophy, and now it has evolved into a system which is all rounded and importance is placed on everything and not only languages.

The government of Denmark has never neglected education and this can be seen As 8% of the budget aims towards education as the education from till age 15-16 is completely free of cost and is open to all.

Just like Finland, Denmark also does not prefer standardised forms of education instead they are made to work in groups together and understand how to work with people, which challenges the conventional way of doing things. Here in Denmark they are made to learn as to how to solve problems and it’s not just merely memorisation

South Korea

The school completion rates of South Korea is 100% because of the importance and value which has been given to education in this country. So, basically the primary school is divided into 6 years and secondary school spans for three years and the next three years can either be academic or vocational as per the choice of the student.

Students also witness exam-free semester which enables them to choose a subject which isn’t a part of their curriculum. The people of South Korea have a very serious attitude towards education and they do not take education lightly. At the same time they have after prep schools called hagwon which is much opted for by the Korean students and they spend much of their time there.

Around 25% of students opt for vocational education after completing their middle school. Vocational education mainly focuses in fields such as agriculture, commerce, fishery, home economics and technology. The South Korean government motivates the students to move from the conventional testing methods, to bring out more creativity among the students and recognise their strengths but not only from the point of view of examinations.

United States of America

The American education system being one of the top countries for education with the best universities in the world has become an integral part of education in the world. America is widely known for the educational system it has to offer to the people all over the world. The program structure here is different from many others and is the main reason why people opt American education system.

Not only does it provide high class education but also recruitment facilities. A lot of students from all over the world have the dream to get into university in the US which has also created competition among a-lot of students as it provides chances for people to improve not only personally but also academically and professionally. It provides them with various opportunities and experiences to learn from and it encourages them to use and implement these experiences in their personal lives. The education system here mainly focuses on students. The quality of education provided here in U.S is very high.

Bottom line

Education is an important and integral part of our lives and as more and more people will realise this it will lead to more better educational systems around the world. It’s time to shift focus from the traditional conventional way of education through exams and memorization to an educational system where the development and understanding of the kids take place, where they are challenged at every step, and use their own understandings to come out of these challenges because at the end of the day, we should prepare children to face life, not only from career perspective but life as whole.

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