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* Aboriginal Languages of Manitoba Inc.
Organization promoting the preservation and development of Native American languages spoken by aboriginal tribes in Canada. (Formerly the Manitoba Association of Native Languages.) Brief information about the organization and its goals.
* American Association for Applied Linguistics
Organization for people interested in applied linguistics, including language education, literacy, assessment, and more. Information about the organization, conferences, and meeting minutes.
* American Translators Association
Homepage of the ATA, a professional organization for translators.
* Arba Sicula
Organization and journal of Sicilian folklore and literature (informational page). Subscription and journal information.
* Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers
Resources and information for teachers of second languages, especially English, French, Spanish, and Italian. Resources include links to Web sites, newsletter articles, teaching activity ideas, online games and activities, conferences, and more. In English and French.
* Center for Multilingual Multicultural Research
Research organization at the University of Southern California involved in language, multilingual, and multicultural topics. Site describes research, indexes language education news, language education conferences and events, and more.
* Center for the Advancement of Language Learning
Index of online foreign language learning resources. Links to language-related sites, CALL newsletter, conferences, instructional materials, language testing, and more.
* CPF - Canadian Parents for French
Volunteer organization promoting French education in Canada. Site includes information about the organization, budget, brochures, calendar, information for parents, and more.
* Dutch Association of Sign Language Interpreters (NBTG)
Information about the NBTG, membership, training, and news available to members. In Dutch and English.
* EUROCALL - European Association for Computer Assisted Language Learning
International organization promoting language education, CALL and language-learning technology. Find out who they are and what they do, including publications and conferences.
* HECALL (Higher Education Computer Assisted Language Learning)
Organization promoting computer-assisted language learning in higher education in the UK. Web site includes links to language-related Web sites and online courses, links to research and articles from other places, translation and linguistics businesses, conferences, and more.
* Huis der Nederlanden (House of the Netherlands)
Dutch/Flemish language and culture center in South Africa. Its library holds more than 25000 Dutch and Flemish books and other writing to promote Dutch in South Africa, and to act as a cultural and linguistic link between Dutch and Afrikaans. No texts available online. Site is in Dutch.
* Institute of Linguists Language Services Ltd
UK organization promoting language education and professional services. Serves as a professional organization for translators, interpreters, and other language professionals. Web site has information about the organization, a transator/interpreter directory, information about thier magazine The Linguist, links to other organizations, an events calendar, and more.
* International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies (IAICS)
Hold conferences every 2 years on intercultural communication. Site has information about conferences, the ICS Journal (information, not the actual journal), calls for papers, and links to other sites.
* International Language Centres Group
information about the organization.
Interactive course finder lets you find language schools around the world. Descriptions of many languge proficiency certificates. And links to language organizations and other language-related links.
* Linguasphere
Language research and education organization in Europe. Publishes the Global Language Register, a catalog of the world's languages.
* Mercator-Education Network
Organization researching and promoting minority/regional languages in education. Database of information on minority languages, information about research projects, and links to related sites.
* MidAmerica Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (MIDTESOL)
Information about the organization, conferences, a jobs bulletin board, and links to many other online TESOL organizations.
* National Foreign Language Center
At Johns Hopkins University. Research and policy institute on language education and teaching.
* Northern California Translators Association
Membership information, online newsletter, and a translator database in addition to information about the organization.
* Northwest Translators and Interpreters Society (NOTIS)
Information about membership, locating a translator, events calendar, and news.
* NOTIS - Northwest Translators and Interpreters Society
Information about the organization, directory of translators and interpreters, calendar of events, read their newsletter, join, and browse useful links for translators.
* The Rosetta Project
Project to permanently record information about 1000 of the world's languages before they become extinct. Project is collecting language descriptions, audio files, word lists, and other information about each language in the archive through the help of volunteers. Volunteers are needed to submit and review submissions to the archive.
* Sealaska Heritage Institute
Organization dedicated to studying and promoting the native Alaskan/Canadian Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian cultures through language- and culture-related publications, educational programs, and more. Site includes free language resources you can download/print, and an extensive (not free) library of books on the covered languages.
* SIL International
Language service and education organization. Site includes information about SIL, their work, publications, Rhetorical Structure Theory, software (Mac, Windows, DOS,and Unix) and links to other language resources.
* Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas
(SSILA) Linguistic organization devoted to the study and advancement of American Indian languages and linguistics. Site has lots of information about the organization and an extensive bibliography of learning aids for Native American languages.
* The American Association of Teachers of Arabic
Organization to promote communication between teachers of Arabic. Site includes information about the AATA, some lists of institutions offering Arabic programs, and other Arabic information.
* The International Phonetic Association
Standards organization for phonetic studies. Site includes a phonetic chart, phonetic fonts, and information about the Association and its publications.
* The World of Language
Promoting language awareness, discourse, and education.
* UniLang Online Language Community
Online portal and community for people interested in languages and linguistics. Site includes a forum/bulletin board for members to communicate, online chat, links to essays and articles related to languages, and links to language-related Web sites and projects, a Wiki (member-updatable directory), and more. Visitors are encouraged to take an active role in helping develop UniLang by becoming a member (free) and doing writing, research, answering forum questions, and the like.
* Wycliffe Bible Translators
Organization developing Bible translations for all the world's languages.

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