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* A Few Words in Cherokee/Tsalagi
Short introduction to Cherokee pronunciation and a short English/Cherokee dictionary of animals.
* Aboriginal Languages of Manitoba Inc.
Organization promoting the preservation and development of Native American languages spoken by aboriginal tribes in Canada. (Formerly the Manitoba Association of Native Languages.) Brief information about the organization and its goals.
* Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College
FDLTCC online services include email and phone directories, course and workshop offerings, campus newspapers, and interactive Anishinabe (Ojibwe, Chippewa)-English word translators.
* Gibbs' Dictionary of the Chinook Jargon
Online copy of an 1863 dictionary of the Chinook 'Jargon' Native American language. English to/from Chinook, with bibliography and examples.
* Klamath/Modoc Linguistics Page
Brief history of the Klamath and Modoc Native American languages, online research papers of the languages, and a bibliography of books and other materials useful for studying the languages.
* LanguageGeek
Free downloadable fonts and keyboard maps for many native American languages (and other indigenous languages in the future) to allow you to write in Blackfoot, Cree, or other languages.
* Ojibwe Language and Culture
By Nancy Vogt. An introduction to the Ojibwe (aka Chippewa) Native American language, links to materials online, and a bibliography of additional materials.
* Teaching Indigenous Languages
Articles and essays related to teaching and promoting indigenous languages, including papers from conferences. Plus links to indigenous language sites, teaching sites, ESL and bilingual sites.
* Tsalagi (Cherokee)
Information about the Native American language Tsalagi (Cherokee), including some culture and history, a Tsalagi/English glossary, a syllabary (alphabet), and other links.
* Tsalagi WebRing
Ring of Web sites related to or talking about Tsalagi (Cherokee language).
* Voyage to Another Universe
An online book with some word translations into Native American languages.

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