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* Academia de ingles Talking Point
English language school for Spanish speakers located in Madrid, Spain. Intensive, small group or private lessons, and English for Business specialty courses.
* Agape English Language Institute for Internationals
English language instruction and cultural immersion for non-English speakers. Courses include groups, private, business English, and college/TOEFL preparation.
* Alpha Sprachinstitut Austria
English and German language school located in Vienna, Austria. Courses include intensive, evening, office/business German, exam preparation, and private/company training.
* American Language and Culture Institute
English language and culture (ESL/EFL) for international students wishing to go to school in the US.
Search for English language schools (ESL/EFL) that match your needs using a variety of criteria (country/region, course type, school size, etc.) and apply online for free. Site also covers many frequently asked questions about studying abroad. Site available in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.
* Boston School of English
English as a second language (ESL/EFL) school located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, for all levels of English ability.
* The Bury Language School
English language school for non-speakers (EFL/ESL) located in Suffolk, UK. Offers intensive English, business English, TOEFL/TOEIC preparation, Cambridge English prep, and customized courses for all levels of English ability. Focuses on small classes (average 8 students per class).
* Cactus Language
Offers in-country English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and many other language courses. Private or group lessons for all levels, including business and exam prep.
* The Canadian College of English Language
English language school for non-speakers located in Vancouver, Canada. Intensive English, exam preparation, and some specialty courses for all levels. Homestay and student dorms available.
* Capital Language Centres
Language school teaching English and French in Ottawa, Canada.
* Ceran Lingua International
Language schools teaching Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, or Spanish in various cities around the world. Courses available for all language levels; special classes for minors/juniors (students) available.
* Cleverlearn, Inc.
Offers English as a Second Language (EFL/ESL) online multimedia courses (general or specialized, including business, banking, and medical English, and TOEFL preparation) and special student content, the Clictionary© automatic word lookup tool for Windows (free version available; currently only translates English to German) and language school partnerships for offline learning.
Search for ESL (English) schools and programs worldwide.
* Cultura Inglesa
Operates English language training schools in various parts of Brazil. Offers courses in general English, Business English, and English fluency exam preparation.
* Elanguest English Language Centre
English language school (ESL/EFL) located on the island of Malta (Europe). Offers general and intensive English training, business and medical English courses, and Cambridge/IELTS preparation.
* English Language Schools in the UK
Directory of English language schools located in the UK and Ireland, organized by location (country and city).
* The English Language Training Institute
Department of the University of North Carolina - Charlotte offering English language training and instruction for international students planning to study in the United States. Six proficiency levels offered, as well as TOEFL preparation.
* English Programs around the World
Index of ESL/EFL teaching institutions from GlobalStudy. Links to various schools and organizations that teach English as a second/foreign language.
* English School of San Francisco
EFL/ESL school in San Francisco, California. Courses include student-level, business English, and TOEFL preparation.
* GEOS Language School Network
International network of language schools teaching English, Spanish, or Japanese, for all skill levels, in 12 different countries.
Learn English over the Internet from most anywhere in the world using videoconference software, or over the telephone in select countries.
* Homestay Quest Toronto
Organizes homestay opportunities with families in Toronto, Canada, for foreign students and adults interested in living in Toronto to study English or Canadian culture.
* Intensive American Language Center
English language instruction for non-speakers at Washington State University. Includes a survey of other ESL Web sites.
* International English Institute
English language instruction institution, for all your ESL needs.
* International House Queensland English Language College
English language school in Cairns, Australia. Many courses and activities, including sailing, diving, and travelling courses. Includes online English courses so you can learn at home (not free).
* Jean's Language Institute
English immersion program teaching ESL/EFL, and preparation for the TOEFL/TOEIC.
* KIOSK School of English
Private English language school in Toronto, Canada. Courses include Business English, beginning, intermediate, and advanced English, and TOEFL preparation.
* Klaus Orth English and German Lessons
One-on-one lessons to learn or assist with English or German.
* LADO International College
English language school for non-speakers (ESL/EFL) with locations in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC. Offers intensive, semi-intensive, evening, and weekend courses for all levels of English ability, TEFL/TESL preparation, and private tutoring.
* Lagan Language Network
English language school located in Ireland specializing in adult language education. Offers summer intensive courses and a variety of smaller specialized/business english courses throughout the year. Site includes student/teacher message boards and a job board. Requires Internet Explorer to get to some pages.
* Language Studies International
Teaches all levels of English, Spanish, French, and German in their native countries. Courses include cultural outings in the country you're visiting.
* Languages in Action
In-country language schools offering group or individual lessons for Spanish, Italian, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, and Japanese in over 40 countries. Courses offered for all ability levels, exam preparation, and business/specialized language.
* Learn by Speaking
Business English for non-speakers courses in Trinidad & Tobago, conducted by the University of West Indies.
* Lingua Progress School of English
English (EFL/ESL) and Russian language school in Dublin, Ireland. Intensive and non-intensive courses available for all level of English ability, as well as Business English and TOEFL preparation. Russian courses include conversational and Business Russian.
* Linguasite
Language education organization offering immersion language courses in their native countries (learn French in France, German in Germany, etc.). Courses include official exam preparation, language for business, and others. Site is in Spanish.
* LinguaTec
English language and culture training organization.
* Madison English as a Second Language School
Information on the school and its English and ESL programs.
* Miami Homestay
Learn the English and American culture in Miami, Florida in an in-home environment with activities. Intended for Japanese-speaking students who want to learn English in the US.
* New World Language Institute
English (ESL/EFL) immersion courses in Florida, USA.
* New Zealand College of English Language
English language school for non-speakers located in Auckland, New Zealand. Intensive English courses and some specialties for all levels of English comprehension. Homestay and student dorms available.
* PLI - Pacific Language Institute
English language school for non-speakers (EFL/ESL) with locations in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada. Courses include intensive English, business English, exam preparation, and specific skills (oral skills, grammar, writing, etc.).
* Riviera English School
English language school in Torquay, Devon, UK, offering general English, one-on-one, business/specialty English, and exam preparation courses (ages 16 and over).
* Sprachcaffe Languages PLUS
Collection of study-abroad language schools throughout Europe and the US teaching European languages to foreigners.
* StudyGlobal
Network of Spanish and English language schools for foreigners located in countries like Canada, the US, Argentina, Australia, Spain, Ireland, and others. Most locations offer private or small group intensive lessons for all Spanish or English levels.
* A Sublime English Language Schools Directory
Searchable directory of English language schools (EFL/ESL) located in Australia, Malta, New Zealand, and South Africa.
* Texas Intensive English Program
Intensive English language education for students and professionals in Texas. Group, individual, and evening classes available.
* The Boston School of Modern Languages
English language instruction for non-English speakers in Boston, Massachusetts.
* The British Institute of Florence
Various levels of English and Italian courses for non-speakers taught in Florence, Italy, including summer courses. Site has a free 'test your Italian' online quiz.
* The Irish Directory
Directory of English language (EFL/ESL) and Irish language courses and schools in Ireland.
* The Language Exchange
English language instruction (EFL/ESL) in Canada.
* The Ultimate English Language Schools Directory
Directory of schools teaching English for foreigners in English-speaking countries.
* The University of Arizona Center for English as a Second Language
Information about the center - how to join, costs, special programs, and more. (
* Trafalgar English School
School for learning English located in Nelson, New Zealand. A variety of courses include business English, activity-based courses, and TOEFL preparation.
* Translation Studies Center
Translation school located in Sosnowiec, Poland. Offers courses teaching translation and interpretation, as well as general language studies for English and Frech (other languages and special-subject courses, like medical terminology, on demand).
* University of Washington English Language Programs
English for non-speakers (EFL/ESL) courses taught in Seattle, Washington. General English and college preparation, or specialized courses for business, health care, teaching, science, law, and natural resources.
* Vancouver Language Institute
ESL/EFL programs at area language schools, homestays, testing, and school placement for international students.
* viaLanguage
Translation, localzation, and editing services for businesses. American Business English courses for non-English speakers.
* Washington Academy of Languages
Language education (English and foreign languages, Europe and Asian), summer intensive courses for languages, teacher training and certificates, and translation/interpretation services. Visit their site for current class schedules
* Wellington College of Languages
English language (ESL/EFL) school located in Wellington, New Zealand, offering beginning and advanced English, exam and school preparation courses, and Business English.
* Worldwide Language Study
Group of language schools teaching English (in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Malta), Spanish (in Argentina), Chinese (in Shanghai and Beijing, China), and Vietnamese (in Saigon, Vietnam). Courses available for all levels of language ability.

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