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* A Word With You
Daily column of word and phrase facts and trivia (history, use, meaning, etc.). Site also includes archives, an online hangman-type game, and links to other word sites for logophiles (word games, etymology, etc.).
* A.Word.A.Day
Subscribe (for free) to get a new English word, its pronunciation, and its definition and example of use, every day of the year. Web site also includes word archives and forums for AWAD subscribers to discuss words.
* About ESL
Guide to Websites related to ESL, including online courses, dictionaries, chat areas, TOEFL, and more.
* Academy of English
Teaching American English
* Agendaweb
Large collection of links to online English (and some English/Spanish) vocabulary, grammar, and listening exercises (games, match the picture, fill-in-the-blank, etc.). Links are organized by topic (colors, adjectives) and by difficulty.
* Alan Cooper's All About Homonyms
Large collection of English homonyms (words that sound the same but are spelled differently).
* Alex electronic text archive/index
Large collection of electronic English texts. Search for and then download the texts (text/PDF/Palm/Newton formats).
* All Free Dictionaries Project
Online project to build free translating dictionaries (e.g. English to Spanish) by allowing individuals to add and correct entries. Several dozen languages represented so far. Dictionaries can be searched online or downloaded. Includes links to other free dictionary sites.
Online searchable English dictionary with multilingual search capability (enter a French word and get the corresponding English word and definition, as well as the word in 4 other languages).
* Alt.Usage.English FAQ
The Frequently Asked Questions document for the newsgroup alt.usage.english. Answers tons of questions about pronunciation, punctuation, word and phrase origins, and more, for the English language.
* American Dialect Homepage
By Claudio Salvucci. Collection of links to American dialect-related Web sites and articles.
* American Dialect Society
association for studying the English language in North America.
* American Memory
Online collection of historic documents, photographs, etc., from the Library of Congress.
* Amerindian Words in English
By Mark Rosenfelder. List of American English words that came from Native American words. Includes source language of each word.
* Anglik.Net
Index of links to online resources (activites, pen-pals, games, quizzes, news, history, and more) for students learning English (ESL/EFL).
* Antagonyms
Words that have different and contradictory meanings (i.e. bad = 'bad' and 'good').
Offers articles and other information on learning English effectively. Brief articles describe parts of the English language (verbs, adjectives, etc.), and other articles discuss tips for learning English. Includes a step-by-step "How to learn English" guide to help you learn how to learn English.
* Apostrophe Protection Society
Discusses the proper use of the apostrophe in the English language. Includes a gallery of incorrect apostrophe usage and a message board to discuss apostrophes and English, plus links to other punctuation-related sites.
* Aprender Inglés
From Lingolex. Index of links for Spanish speakers learning English.
* ARTFL Project
A searchable forms-based Roget Thesaurus.
Web site about the English language by the publishers of the Oxford English Dictionary (Oxford University Press). Articles and information about English, its vocabulary, grammar, and use throughout the world. You can submit a question to the OED's English experts, search the English dictionary, thesaurus, and quotation dictioary, learn new words and to play word games.
A text glossary of computer-related abbreviations and acronyms (i.e. BIOS = Basic Input/Output System).
* BBC World Service - Learning English
Guide to learning English with the BBC. Includes information about television and radio programs for learners and teachers of English, vocabulary in the news, conferences and schools, and more.
* Bookbinding and Conservation Terminology Dictionary
From Conservation OnLine (CoOL) at Stanford University.
Nonprofit group that collects and distributes electronic versions of books to qualifying subscribers (blind or otherwise disabled) for use with electronic or braile readers. Needs volunteers to scan popular books to add to the collection.
* Botanical Glossary from GardenWeb
Searchable English glossary of botanical/gardening terms (words and their meanings).
* British/American English dictionary
* Business Jargon Dictionary
Common business/office-related jargon (terms/phrases) and their explanation in non-business English. From The Office
* Busuu Language Learning Community
Free online community for learning a new language. Provides online and interactive lessons, grammar guides, and a community of other learners and native speakers for practicing while socializing. Currently has areas for English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Russian, and French.
* Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site
Lots of information on children's literature - reviews, booklists, educational literature, and more.
Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities.
* Chess Dictionary
Terms and notations used in the game of chess and their meaning/explanaion (in English).
* Collins Language
Reference works for learners of English. Includes online games and info for English (ESL/EFL) learners.
* Common Errors in English
By Paul Brians. A growing list of common English mistakes (grammar, spelling, etc.) and short explanations of each.
* Compendium of Environmental Acronyms
English glossary of acronyms used in environmental science and industry.
* Complete Works of Shakespeare
From MIT. HTML collection of all Shakespeare's plays, poetry, etc. Read online, print out, or save it for your own reference.
* Cool Slang
User-built dictionary of slang words and phrases for 10 different languages (English, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Persian, Serbian, and Turkish). Add your own slang or comment on the terms submitted by others.
* Cutting Edge CALL Resources
ESL/EFL and ASL multimedia language aids (quizzes, practices, tutorials) using the latest Web plug-ins (Shockwave, mostly).
* The Daily Idiom Blog
Web log (blog) which explains the meaning of English idioms like "against the grain", "go the extra mile", and "take a rain check". Updated frequently, archives are available, and each entry is available as an audio file (aka "podcast").
* Dave Sperling's Add-To ESL Links Index
index of ESL resources.
* Dave Sperling's ESL Cafe
Resources for teachers and students of English as a second language. Includes forums for discussing English learning and teaching, English grammar lessons and online quizzes, and job listings for English teachers.
* Dictionary of Cell Biology
Searchable English dictionary of cellular and microbiology terminology.
* Dictionary.Com
Free online searchable dictionary (searches multiple dictionaries automatically, including multilingual dictionaries), thesaurus, word-of-the-day, CleverKeys dictionary software, and links to other online dictionaries.
* Early Modern English Dictinaries Database
Search several 16th and 17th century English language dictionaries. From the University of Toronto.
* Easy English for Russians
A collection of English lessons for Russian speakers online. Requires Russian fonts/KOI8, description is in English.
* egzicom
English grammar (ingilizce dersleri) and vocabulary site for Turkish speakers studying English. Site has an online searchable English to Turkish dictionary.
* Electronic Text Center at the University of Virginia
SGML-encoded texts including the Oxford English Dictionary, Old, Middle, and Modern English works, and some Shakespeare texts. The commercial texts are only local-access from the University of Virginia, but others are freely available. Separate collections for a dozen languages, including English, French, and Latin.
* An Elementary English Grammar
From the English Institute. Descriptions and examples of aspects of English grammar.
* Engless
More than 60 multiple-choice quizzes for English, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, and Japanese, in areas like slang, adjectives, verbs, and vocabulary.
* English and its History
Documents many of the changes which have occurred in the English language, from Old English to Middle English to Modern English.
* The English Department
EFL Web site by Barbara Dieu. Site includes sections for teachers of English as a foreign language, with links to sample lesson plans, teaching ideas, and Web sites for teachers, and a student section with links to quizzes and practices, language references, and English writing and literature.
* English Everywhere
Links to online resources in many mediums for teachers and students of English (TV, movies, radio, books, etc.).
* English Grammar and Style Guide
Copious notes about English grammar, terminology, and usage from Jack Lynch.
* English Grammar Gone Awry
Descriptions and examples of common English usage errors, including grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
* English Language Guide
Articles and explanations of English grammar and usage. Includes the alphabet, basic vocabulary, common verb conjugation, pronunciation, history of the English language, and more.
* English Line - English Lessons in the Thai Language
Series of beginning English lessons written in the Thai language (for Thai speakers studying English).
* English the Easy Way
Basic explanation and examples of English grammar. Currently (February 2005) has information on several English verb tenses (present, past, future), with more coming soon.
Resource for students learning English. Some basic English lessons, a study guide for the IELTS test, a study-abroad and travel directory, and links to other sites and resources.
* ESL Desk
Collection of short, descriptive English grammar guides ("What are pronouns", 1000 most common English words), with plenty of quizzes to help you practice.
* ESL go
English as a second language (ESL/EFL) community site with mini quizzes for students, activity suggestions for ESL teachers, and online forums for both to talk to other ESL students or teachers.
* ESL House
Information for English (ESL/EFL) students and teachers, including private tutors, colleges, Web sites, and more.
* ESLcity
Forum for English as a second language (ESL/EFL) teachers to communicate and share ideas. Contains downloadable games and exercises, member forums, job postings, and more.
Index of some fun and useful tools to help teach or learn English (ESL/EFL). Includes links to dictionaries, games, sample ESL lesson plans, song lyrics, and more.
Practice your English listening skills (for EFL/ESL students) free by listening to interviews and taking quizzes on the contents. Each new interview includes a glossary of terms and a quiz. Informtion for students and teachers of English, including links to other sites.
* Feudal Dictionary
A text-only dictionary of terms used in feudal England and Europe.
* Fiction from the English Server
Electronic texts of works of fiction available for download. Includes novels, short stories, poems, and plays.
* Fiesta
English language study site for ESL students. Includes vocabulary lists (separated by subject, such as animals or travel), printable vocabulary and grammar quizzes, links to some native English literature, and study tips.
* Focusing on Words
A series to improve your vocabulary by learning the Greek/Latin roots of English words.
* Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus
Shelly's classic novel available in hypertext.
A (mostly) serious Web site with the goal of "fixing" English spelling - removing silent and double letters, changing "ph" to "f", etc. Read the freespeling guidelines and start your own speling revolushun.
* French is the Alter Ego of English
Web site highlighting some of the similarities between the English, French, and German languages. Recently reorganized and easier to follow.
* Frizzy University Network
English language (ESL/EFL) training and education.
* Galician-English-Spanish Computer Dictionary
Online browseable (not searchable) translating dictionary of Galician computing terms and their English and Spanish translations.
More than 30 free online word translating dictionaries for various language pairs, and a crossword puzzle helper. By Ectaco.
* Glossary of Poetic Terms
Glossary of poetic literary terms (i.e. 'allegory', 'ballad', etc.) with English definitions/explanations.
* Idioms
Explains the meaning of English-language idioms (e.g. "out of the blue", "practice makes perfect"). Searchable archives and a weekly idiom e-mail available.
* Goethe Multilingual Exercises
100 free online vocabulary tests to/from 10 different languages. Not interactive - one page has fill-in-the-blank phrases, another page has the solutions.
* Grammar and Style Notes
By Jack Lynch. Various notes and style guides for different words/parts of speech in English.
* Half Moon Café
A hypertext, navigable story to assist with reading English (for ESL/EFL students). The story includes link references to grammar notes, dialog audio, and quizzes. The site also includes a vocabulary list and a link to an English grammar guidebook.
* Hippopotomonstrosesquipedalians
10 really long words, and their meanings.
* Homepage for TESL-EJ
Teaching English as a Second Language Electronic Journal. (Partial American mirror.)
* Homograph List
By Mark Brader. Large list (but not as much detail) of homographs in English.
* How How Magazine Online
Online version of the How How magazine for Chinese students learning English. Practice English vocabulary, chat with other students, read articles, and more.
* How Many Words?
Article by World Wide Words on how many words there are in the English language.
* HyperGrammar
English grammar on-line course. From the Unviersity of Ottawa.
* Hypertext Webster Gateway
Searchable set of English dictionaries (including the 1913 Webster's Dictionary); words in the definitions are links back into the dictionary (so you can search for their definitions).
* IATE - Interactive Terminology for Europe
Translation term bank encompassing 24 European languages. Used for translating short, technical phrases between the 24 languages over a variety of industries/subjects (agriculture, chemistry, politics, government, etc.). Not intended as a general-purpose translation dictionary. Replaced the EURODICAUTOM terminology database in 2007.
* IELTS Preparation
Articles on English grammar, improving vocabulary, and preparing for the IELTS English test.
* In Parentheses
English translations of a number of medieval works from various languages and countries.
* Internet Anagram Server
Online anagram generator from Enter a word, phrase, or other collection of letters; it will return all possible permutations that spell English words.
* Internet and Unix Dictionary
dictionary of Internet and Unix terms.
* The Internet Grammar of English
Online English grammar course and quizzes for students of English. You can also purchase the course on CD-ROM.
* Internet TESL Journal
articles, news, papers, ideas, and links about teaching English as a second language.
* The Internet Text Archive
An index of the free online electronic texts available from projects like Project Gutenberg, the Million Books Project, and Liber Liber (Italian e-books). A single interface to search and browse the books available through these projects (very useful).
* La Mansión del Inglés
Extensive free Spanish to English lessons and guides. More dozens of grammar guides with quizzes, vocabulary organized by theme, songs and essays written in both Spanish and English, books, downloadable software, listening comprehension exercises, and more.
* LangToLang
Free online translation dictionary to translate words between English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, and Turkish. Not sure how large the dictionaries are.
* Language & Learning Awareness
Online course by Catherine Wrangham at the National Extension College. An introduction to TEFL (teaching of English as a foreign language) from a teacher's perspective.
* Language Miniatures
Collection of mini-essays on language, grammar, and usage by William Z. Shetter. 200 essays written between 1998 and 2008 on a wide array of topics.
Shows pictures of common objects in a variety of categories (food, pets, parts of the body, etc.); point to a picture and audio says the word in a language you choose (English, French, German, Russian, or Chinese). Dozens of categories, hundreds of words in each language, including the alphabets (except Chinese) and numbers. Looking for volunteers to add audio and pictures for new languages/words.
* Learning English Online
Large ESL/EFL site (in German and English) with small articles about English grammar and vocabulary, online games to reinforce English learning, quizzes to test your progress, an active forum (in German), and more.
* Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun
Free online interactive games (Flash-based) to teach and reinforce English vocabulary. Games include hangman, memory (pair-matching), crossword puzzle, and more.
* Lin Sir's 'I Love Language' Newsletter
Online multimedia newsletter targeted at Chinese speakers learning English. The monthly newsletters give a sample English dialog, audio samples of English words and phrases, and help/tips for Chinese readers to explain the English grammar.
* Litrix Reading Room
Collection of online English books and stories that are either out of copyright or whose authors have allowed electronic distribution. Lots of great books to read online, organized by genre.
* M N Gogate's Language Essays
Collection of essays by M.N. Gogate. Contians 2 essays ("Glimpses") related to language; one on a proposed standard transliteration of Marathi (Indian) script in English, and one on a proposed "Globish" version of English that would be easier for foreigners to learn (mainly for spelling).
* Macquarie Book of Australian Slang
Online browseable dictionary of Australian slang, from the publishers of the Macquarie Dictionary.
* Math Spoken Here!
Algebra and arithmetic dictionary. Gives English definitions of mathematical terms, pronunciation (with sound), and pictures and quizzes related to each word.
* Middle English Works
from the University of Michigan. Many searchable online Middle English literary works.
* Misspellings Study
An ad hoc study of commonly misspelled words found in Usenet newsgroup messages.
* Multilingual Dictionary of the Horse
Dictionary of horse anatomy, training, pathology, etc., in French, English, Spanish, and German. Searchable online.
* Nada's ESL Island
Collection of activities, quizzes, other training information, and articles for ESL students and teachers.
* National Punctuation Day
Brief but useful information on the proper use of English punctuation marks (comma, period, apostrophe, quotation marks, etc.).
* Oasis Management
Finance/Technology consultant group. Site includes a large glossary of financial terms (in English).
* OBI The Online Book Initiative
Collection of text-only out-of-copyright (or copyright-free) books, essays, and other writing (mostly, if not exclusively, in English). Documents include the complete or partial works of Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Walt Whitman, Edgar Allen Poe, and more. Access is via FTP after you click on the link at the bottom of the OBI introduction page. Collection does not appear to have been significantly added to since the late 1990's.
* Old English at the University of Virginia
Descriptions of courses in Old English at the University, Old English tutorials, fonts, and software, bibliographies, and links to Old English online texts.
* Old English Documents
Links to online documents for studying Old English.
* On-Line English Grammar
By Anthony Hughes. Extensive online English grammar site - information about English grammar, practice and question-and-answer pages, and more. Probably more than you ever wanted to know about the English language.
* OneLook Dictionaries
Searchable index of over 100 Internet-accessible online dictionaries/glossaries. Dictionaries are arranged by topic, but you can search them all at once.
* Online Resources for Writers
Links to online information about writing, editing, and publishing. From the Independent Publishers' Consortium.
* The Oxford English Dictionary Online
Online searchable version of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) available by subscription only (currently $550/year). Without a subscription, you can still view the Word of the Day (a complete OED entry for a random word every day) and find out how to order the print or CD-ROM versions of the OED.
* The Phrase Finder
Discusses the origins and meanings of English phrases, idioms, and sayings.
* Potentially Confusing And Embarrassing Differences between American and British English
A short list of words which have different meanings in American and British English, by David Barton.
* Project Bartleby Archive
Searchable archive of over 50 electronic texts of classic American authors. Includes John Bartlett, W.E.B. Du Bois, Robert Frost, Gertrude Stein, and others.
* Project Gutenberg
Free electronic texts (mostly in English) from books that have entered the public domain. Many hundreds of titles, and you can volunteer to help.
* Radio Canada International
Listen to RCI's daily radio broadcasts online in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, and Ukranian.
* Revised Etymological Dictionary for English
English wordlist with Basque word origins explained. By Edo Nyland.
* Rhyming Dictionary
from Doug Beeferman. Enter an English word, it returns a list of words which rhyme.
* Richard Lederer's Verbivore Page
Author Richard Lederer's page for word fanciers. Includes information about his books, tapes,
* Robert Cawdrey's 'A Table Alphabeticall of Hard Usual English Words'
A 'dictionary', compiled by Robert Cawdrey circa 1604, of 'hard' English words. Includes historical information about Cawdrey and the dictionary.
* Roget's Thesaurus
Online version of the 1911 edition - synonyms and antonyms of words, phrases in English.
* Shakespeare Database Project
A project to store the complete works of Shakespeare in a database so that queries can be run against it to extract useful statistics or information from the text. Currently only information about the project itself; no access to the database or materials is available.
* Sir's Homepage
Index of online resources for teachers and learners of the English language (ESL/EFL). Areas include lesson ideas, some interesting word facts, links to schools teaching English, sample exercises, and more. In English and French.
* SOON - News in Worldwide English
Site written using "easy-English" as an aid to those learning English. Current events, stories, English help and teacher's pages for students/teachers of English.
* SpellCheckIt
Online English spell-checking Web page. Type or paste your text, it will suggest changes for misspelled words. (English only.)
* Stands4
Browseable online dictionary of acronyms and abbreviations. If you know the meaning of an acronym that isn't listed, you can add it to the dictionary.
* Super Language Web Sites
Large collection of links to Web sites related to Chinese, English (ESL/EFL), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Russian, and Spanish languages covering, where available, online language courses/lessons, newspaper and literature, travel, and more.
* Taiwan Teacher
English as a Foreign/Second Language (EFL/ESL) site with English trivia, grammar exercises, forums, and information about teaching English in Taiwan.
* Takako's Great Adventure
Set of 10 stories with related activities (vocabulary, quizzes, puzzles, etc.) for ESL students. By Brian Rhodes
* The American Dialect Homepage
Index of resources (Web, books, other) dealing with American dialects.
* The Best Fiction and Poetry from CSUN: 1962-1988
Online fiction (stories) and poetry from California State University, Northridge.
* The Brut Chronicle
Online copy of the Brut Chronicle (this copy circa 1420), a Middle English history of Great Britain. The online copy is photos of the actual pages as they appear in the book.
* The Children's Literature WWW Page
Links and information about childrens literature, authors, bestsellers, awards, and more.
* The Climbing Dictionary
Multilingual dictionary of climbing terms (English terms, with English definition and a translation of the English terms in a few other languages).
* The CMU Pronouncing Dictioary
Look up pronunciation of American English words. (Dictionary is also available to download.)
* The Curmudgeon's Stylebook
By Bill Walsh. Very interesting English usage and style guide.
* The Exploding Dictionary
A set of English dictionaries cross-linked with themselves, so each word in a definition is linked to that word's definition.
* The Fix Express
Trivia, quote, joke,and history factoid every time you reload the page. Includes a 'word of the day' with definition and usage and a vocabulary flashcards game.
* The Heteronym Homepage
Good list of heteronyms (words with the same spelling but different meanings) with explanations of the different pronunciations/meanings.
* The Homograph Page
List of over 30 homographs (heteronyms) - words with the same spelling but different pronunciation/definitions.
* The Instant Access Treasure Chest
Guide to learning disabilities and foreign language learning.
* The Kamusi Project
Also known as the Internet Living Swahili Dictionary. Searchable English/Russian/Swahili dictionary, Swahili grammar and pronunciation guides, and links to related sites.
* The Metaphor and Metonymy Group
At the University of Leicester, UK. Online abstracts of psychology papers on metaphor and metonymy and links to conferences and related sites.
* The Mythopoeic Society
Organization for the study, discussion, and enjoyment of fantasy and mythic literature. Activities calendar, how to join, news, and more.
* The On-Line Books Page
Index of thousands of books available online, in English and other languages. Also includes links to other electronic book/text repositories.
* The Online Slang Dictionary
A substitute for those always-out-of-date paper slang dictionaries. English slang from around the world and their meanings. Add your own slang while you're there.
* The Spiers English-French Dictionary Project
Project to type in an out-of-copyright English to French dictionary and make it available for free. Volunteers needed to help type.
* The Tongue Twister Database
Dozens of English tongue twisters collected by C.T. Staley.
* The Totally Unofficial Rap Dictionary
Dictionary of terms, phrases, people, etc. used and referenced in rap songs.
* The Wicked Good Guide to Boston English
Online dictionary of slang, idioms, and terms used in Boston, Massachusetts. Includes pronunciation guide, and an online forum for discussing Bostonisms.
* The Word Wizard
English education and entertainment site. Periodic contests, questions & answers about English, word-a-day, and more. Requires free registration.
* The Wordmonger
7 new English words with definitions every week.
Free online English thesaurus. Enter an English word, it will provide you with a list of synonyms (similar words).
* Tibetan-English Dictionary of Buddhist Teaching and Practice
Online searchable Tibetan/English translating dictionary of Buddhist terminology. The Tibetan words are transliterated (use English characters).
* Tower of English
Large ESL practice and guidance site. Articles, pen pals, and lots of links to other ESL resources, for both teachers and students.
* UniLang Free Language Courses
Free online language lessons (grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation) for English, Spanish, French, German, and many other languages. Good introduction to languages. Volunteers are needed to help add to the guides. (Formerly known as Languages Made Clear.)
Collection of links, articles, and other information pertaining to learning English. Includes links to articles about English learning and dialects, a question bank to help build ESL/EFL quizzes, a large glossary of English grammar terms, and links to other ESL/EFL/English sites.
* Uw Oykangand and Uw Olkola Multimedia Dictionary
English to/from Uw Oykangand, Uw Olkola, and other Australian Aboriginal languages. (Dictionary is a list, not searchable.) By the Kowanyama Aboriginal Community Council.
* Verbix Online Conjugator
Online verb conjugation for more than 100 languages. Pick a language, enter a verb, and get its conjugation in more than a dozen different tenses.
* Vesna Dictionary
Free online searchable Belarussian/English/Polish/Russian/Ukrainian translating dictionary that you can help edit. Site also may have documents about Ukranian literature and grammar, but they're all in Ukranian. Site may have ads inappropriate for young Web surfers.
* Vocabulary Learning Fun
Flash-based online games (crossword, word search, hangman, matching, and quizzes) for practicing English vocabulary.
* Vocabulary Training Exercises
Free online vocabulary training exercises to/from English, German, Spanish, or French. Tests include verbs, nouns, conjugations, and themed vocabulary sets (food, weather, etc.). Tests require a JavaScript-enabled browser.
* Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1913 edition. Searchable English dictionary. From the ARTFL Project.
* Whut Makes You Thank Teksuns Tawk Funny?
Some selections from the slightly tongue-in-cheek book by the same name. A short glossary of Texas-speak (i.e. the American South accent) with explanations.
* Word For Word
Questions and answers about the English language from the newspaper column "Word For Word" by Terry O'Connor. (Includes 2 answers to the "gry" riddle.)
* Word Play
Index of sites that feature 'fun with words'. Includes anagrams, cool words, poetry, and more.
* Word Safari
Introduces high school/college-level English vocabulary words (such as "palimpsest") with a definition and links to Web sites that use or explain the word. New words every week; all previous words are available for review.
* WordNet Search
Interface to the WordNet database to search for synonyms, antonyms, etc. of words you enter.
* Wordsmyth
Large searchable English dictionary (words and definitions are in English) and thesaurus (synonyms and similar words). Includes pronunciation guides and separation of word senses (different meanings of a word). Other tools include an anagram solver, crossword-puzzle helper, with more tools planned for the future. Site requests a free registration for some features.
* WordSteps
Free online vocabulary quizzes for Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, and other languages. Members create shared dictionaries which you quiz yourself on through flashcards, multiple-choice, or translating activities to aid in memorization.
* World Wide Words
An extensive blog on the English language and linguistics, covering usage, phrases, words, etc. Sub-sections include Turns of Phrase (new English words and phrases), Weird Words (unusual, uncommon, or obscure), and Topical Words. By Michael Quinion.
* World-English
More than 100 activities (online quizzes, puzzles, grammar references, games, and more) for students learning English (ESL/EFL). Many are on the site; some are links to other sites.
* WriteNet
sponsors of NetPals. Dedicated to helping ESL/EFL students improve their English. Email for information.
* WWWebster Dictionary
Searchable English dictionary from Merriam-Webster.
* Yiddish-Hebrew-English-German-Russian Picture Dictionary
By Ester Vaisman. Online flashcards with pictures, each picture's word ('apple', 'cat', etc.) translated into Russian, English, German, Hebrew, and Yiddish.

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