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* About Spanish
Guide to Websites related Spain and the Spanish language, including dictionaries, grammar, literature, schools, software, pen pals, and more.
* Agendaweb
Large collection of links to online English (and some English/Spanish) vocabulary, grammar, and listening exercises (games, match the picture, fill-in-the-blank, etc.). Links are organized by topic (colors, adjectives) and by difficulty.
* All Free Dictionaries Project
Online project to build free translating dictionaries (e.g. English to Spanish) by allowing individuals to add and correct entries. Several dozen languages represented so far. Dictionaries can be searched online or downloaded. Includes links to other free dictionary sites.
Online searchable English dictionary with multilingual search capability (enter a French word and get the corresponding English word and definition, as well as the word in 4 other languages).
* Assunta Montes de Oca de Marshall
The home page for a Spanish class, but has some interesting information and links (which are mostly in Spanish) including pronunciation and (simple) grammar guides, some Spanish songs and tongue-twisters, and links to other Spanish-related sites.
* Basic Spanish for the Virtual Student
Extensive beginning Spanish lessons. Includes pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and verb conjugation (regular and irregular).
* The BBC Languages Site
Extensive online Spanish, Italian, German, and French lessons and language guides. Primarily to supplement BBC radio and TV programs, but also useful and informative without having access to BBC TV. Online offerings include introductory lessons and language guides, useful/common phrases, vocabulary, interactive activities and games, and industry-specific terms and phrases. In addition to the above languages, also has smaller areas devoted to Gaelic, Irish, Welsh, Portuguese, Japanese, and British Sign Language.
* Begin Spanish Now
Basic Spanish language information for those beginning or interested in starting to learn Spanish. Includes the alphabet and pronunciation, punctuation, some common phrases, beginning vocabulary, numbers, colors, and reviews of software for learning Spanish.
* Best Language Websites
Collection of links to sites related to language learning, translation, world languages, dictionaries, idioms, and travel. By Jim Becker.
Free online beginning Spanish lessons (not specifically for business Spanish - normal lessons for anybody learning Spanish) which include grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and dialogs, and all lessons include audio so you can hear the actual Spanish words. Plus links to other useful Web sites for learning Spanish.
* Busuu Language Learning Community
Free online community for learning a new language. Provides online and interactive lessons, grammar guides, and a community of other learners and native speakers for practicing while socializing. Currently has areas for English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Russian, and French.
* Compjugador
Downloadable Spanish verb conjugation program. If compiling your own executable files is beyond your abilities, use the Web-Compjugador instead. Not sure if the Compjugador project is being maintained anymore.
Interactive verb conjugation quizzes for Spanish, French, and Latin. You can choose which verb tense to practice, optionally how long to practice for, and print out a score when the time is up.
* CyberSpanglish WebSite
Introduction and information on CyberSpanglish - Spanish with added technical/network terms borrowed from English.
* Dictionaries from El Mundo
Set of searchable online dictionaries provided by the Spanish newspaper El Mundo. Includes a Spanish language dictionary (enter Spanish word, get Spanish definition), synonym and antonym dictionaries, a Spanish medical dictionary, and Spanish to/from English and French dictionaries.
* Directorio de América Latina
Directory of Latin American Web resources.
* Ectaco Online Dictionaries
Free online searchable dictionaries - English to/from 19 languages. Says each language contains 600000 words.
* Eduole Ejercicios Plus
More than 50 1-page worksheets for practicing and quizzing yourself (or your students) on Spanish use. Activities include verb conjugation, reading comprehension and fill-in-the-blank, write a story based on a series of pictures, and more. By Eduole.
* El Mundo
Web site of the Spanish (Spain) newspaper El Mundo. News from Spain and around the world, all written in Spanish. Also provides access to online Spanish, Spanish/English, and Spanish/French dictionaries.
* El Pais Digital
Spanish (Spain) newspaper online.
* El Periodico On Line
Spanish news online.
* El Tiempo
Spanish online daily newspaper.
* eLearning Board
Growing collection of links to educational materials. Languages section includes links to lessons, dictionaries, and other resources. Current languages include English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, and Greek.
* Electronic Flashcards for Spanish
'Virtual' flashcards to practice/quiz yourself on some Spanish grammar (verb conjugation, prepositions, tenses, etc.).
* Engless
More than 60 multiple-choice quizzes for English, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, and Japanese, in areas like slang, adjectives, verbs, and vocabulary.
* English for Spanish-Speaking People
Lots of vocabulary and grammar examples in English and Spanish, organized by topic (irregular verbs, tenses, pronouns, etc.). Intended for Spanish speakers, but also useful for English speakers learning Spanish.
* Espana Hoy: Noticias
Weekly news from Spain(in Spanish).
* Galician-English-Spanish Computer Dictionary
Online browseable (not searchable) translating dictionary of Galician computing terms and their English and Spanish translations.
More than 30 free online word translating dictionaries for various language pairs, and a crossword puzzle helper. By Ectaco.
* Glosario de Internet
Spanish dictionary of Internet terms.
* Glosario Español-Esperanto
Small text-only Spanish/Esperanto glossary. In Spanish and Esperanto.
* Goethe Multilingual Exercises
100 free online vocabulary tests to/from 10 different languages. Not interactive - one page has fill-in-the-blank phrases, another page has the solutions.
* Heidi Brumbaugh's Flash Cards
Javascript application simulating flash cards to test your Spanish. You can also enter your own list of words to test yourself on. Also links to other language/linguistic resources.
* Hispanic Culture Review
from George Mason University. Journal of literature, some available on-line.
* IATE - Interactive Terminology for Europe
Translation term bank encompassing 24 European languages. Used for translating short, technical phrases between the 24 languages over a variety of industries/subjects (agriculture, chemistry, politics, government, etc.). Not intended as a general-purpose translation dictionary. Replaced the EURODICAUTOM terminology database in 2007.
* Instituto de Verbología Hispánica
Links to 2 good sources of information about Spanish verb conjugation. First, click on the button with the word "Conjugadores", then on the graphic that contains "VERBIX" and you can enter a Spanish verb to see it conjugated into all (I think) verb tenses. Second, click on the button with "Los 99 modelos" to see samples of Spanish verbs conjugated in the various tenses. Entire site is in Spanish.
* La Clase Mágica
Bilingual study/play program for children.
* La Pagina Español
Beginning Spanish lessons, including pronunciation, conjugation, phrases, and more.
* LangToLang
Free online translation dictionary to translate words between English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, and Turkish. Not sure how large the dictionaries are.
* Language Arena
Free online forums for discussing grammar, vocabulary, or just chatting in French, German, or Spanish. Ask a question, answer someone else's, or practice your reading and writing.
* Language Learning Podcasts
Index of podcasts (downloadable audio suitable for playing on a computer or digital music player) targeted at language education. Current links include Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, and more. From Word2Word.
* Le Vieux Coq
A growing collection of Spanish slang and idiomatic expressions. Expressions with definintions, including where it is used. In Spanish.
* Learn Spanish
From Lingolex. Index of many links for English speakers who want to learn Spanish. Includes vocabulary, grammar, software, online newspapers/magazines, language schools, and more.
* Learn Spanish
Free series of online Spanish lessons for beginners. Introduces vocabulary, grammar, conjugation, and pronunciation through written online lessons and interactive quizzes and games. Premium content is only available to paying members, but there's a lot for the beginning student for free.
* Learn Spanish
Web site provides a collection of free introductory multimedia Spanish lessons and quizzes (with audio, free registration required), and sells a 170+ lesson CD-ROM set for learning Spanish. From the US Institute of Languages.
* Learn Spanish Help
Collection of links to sites for students learning Spanish (dictionaries, online lessons, language learning tips, and more).
* Literatura Argentina Contemporánea
Online literature (stories, poetry, and more) by Argentinian authors.
* Literatura Peruana
Peruvian literature.
* Más arriba
Online workbook of Spanish language exercises to help practice your Spanish. Designed to accompany a textbook or other classroom instruction, so there aren't a lot of directions, but answers are available. Includes 9 chapters' worth of online workbook-style questions (fill-in-the-blank, write the dialog) and over 1000 questions. Site also has a large English to/from Spanish vocabulary list/dictionary to browse through.
* Mexico's Index: Newspapers
index of online Mexican (Spanish) Newspapers
* Multilingual Dictionary of the Horse
Dictionary of horse anatomy, training, pathology, etc., in French, English, Spanish, and German. Searchable online.
* Mundo Latino
Index of Spanish-speaking resources on the Web. Similar to a Spanish Yahoo.
* My Spanish Picture Dictionary
Browsable picture dictionary with 300 English words and their Spanish translations.
* Online Spanish Course
Free online Spanish lessons with more than 20 chapters, covering everything from pronunciation and numbers to regular and irregular verbs, verb tenses, and more. Many audio samples and online quizzes/exercises to help you learn Spanish. Online chat and forums for communicating with other students.
* Palabra del día
A Spanish word-a-day Web page and e-mail list. Subscribe and get a new Spanish word, with defninition and examples (also in Spanish), every day. From the don Quijote language school.
Introductory Spanish lessons, anatomy and medical vocabulary with audio, medical dialogs to show vocabulary in context, and videos showing proper Spanish usage in medical situations.
* Proyecto Sherezade
Spanish literature, changed periodically.
* Quia!
Free online educational games and activities, including almost 600 activities for languages. Includes games like flashcards, matching, memory, and more, for over 15 languages. And, you can create your own activity.
* Radio Canada International
Listen to RCI's daily radio broadcasts online in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, and Ukranian.
* Señora Parry's Spanish Class
Students can download homework assignments and view vocabulary lists for different classes. Includes list of fun and useful Spanish language and culture sites.
* Shortcut to Spanish
Free e-mail newsletter offering Spanish learning and vocabulary tips and e-mailed audio lessons.
* Single-Serving Language Guides
Free printable pocket-sized phrasebooks and language guides for a number of different languages (in varying stages of development), as well as providing the information on the site. Guides vary by language, but some include basic useful phrases, numbers, the alphabet, shopping, travel, and more. Some language also include downloadable audio files (MP3) speaking the words and phrases. Site also provides links to Web sites related to each language. As of February 2004, contains guides for Afrikaans, Albanian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch , French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovene, Spanish, and Swedish; more languages are under development.
* Spanish Courses on the Internet
A list of Web sites with free online Spanish lessons.
* Spanish Culture Guide from The Mining Co.
Annotated collection of links relating to Spanish culture (and language). Also includes chats, discussion lists, and a newsletter.
* Spanish for Law Enforcement and Emergency Personnel
Information and materials (books, tapes, etc.) for learning Spanish for law enforcement and emergency services personnel. Site includes many free lists of emergency/law enforcement phrases and translations between English and Spanish.
* Spanish Kit Learning Tools
Free online resources for learning Spanish. Online lessons in Spanish grammar (verbs, nouns, sentence construction, etc.), online customizable vocabulary quizzes, and downloadable PDF versions of other Spanish instruction books.
* Spanish Language Guide
Articles and explanations of Spanish grammar and usage (in English). Includes the alphabet, basic vocabulary, common verb conjugation, pronunciation, history of the Spanish language, links to Spanish dictionaries, and more.
* Spanish Language Guide
Beginning information about the Spanish language including pronunciation, the alphabet, numbers, colors, verb conjugation, and some basic vocabulary pages.
* Spanish Language Guide from The Mining Co.
Annotated collection of links relating to the Spanish language, including lessons, bookstors, schools, and other resources. Also includes a chat room and newsletter.
* Spanish Lessons Homepage
Three introductory Spanish lessons with audio. By Tyler Chambers.
* Spanish Poetry
Online collection of Spanish poetry. Site is in Spanish.
* Spanish Radio Stations
Index of Spanish-speaking radio stations/sites in Europe that broadcast over the Internet.
* Spanish Software Digest
Index of Spanish-related software, including education, word processing, etc.
* Spanish Vocabulary Builder
Shows pictures of objects (food, animals, etc.); click on the picture to hear the name of the object in Spanish.
Searchable English to/from Spanish dictionary, with audio samples of thousands of words. Site also includes a Spanish Word of the Day, a forum for discussing the Spanish language, and some beginning Spanish vocabulary and grammar (the "Learn Spanish" link at the bottom of the page).
* Speak Any Language
Free online community site for learning languages. Forums and a live chat allow members to discuss and practice languages. Member-submitted language lessons let you brush up on your vocabulary or grammar, or help others. Currently (February 2005) has information for over a dozen languages, including Spanish, French, Greek, Swedish, Dutch, Czech, Lithuanian, and more.
* Super Language Web Sites
Large collection of links to Web sites related to Chinese, English (ESL/EFL), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Russian, and Spanish languages covering, where available, online language courses/lessons, newspaper and literature, travel, and more.
* Teach Yourself Spanish
Blog-style Web site with some articles on Spanish learning suggestions, information about Spanish teaching software, and links to Spanish learning online videos.
* Teachspanish.Com
Index of resources for teachers and learners of Spanish. Includes sample lessons and lesson ideas, an index of other Spanish Web sites, and a catalog of educational products.
* The Tecla Spanish educator's/student's magazine
Monthly online magazine of short articles written in Spanish to help Spanish students with their reading comprehension. Each article includes questions about the article or subject matter. Site has archives going back to 1994.
Free interactive quizzes/exercises to help you study/test your Spanish. More than 100 quizzes (matching, fill-in-the-blank, etc.) in 3 levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) broken down into specific subjects (cardinal numbers, the future tense, etc.), as well as reading comprehension, verb conjugation, and more. Help button will fill in answers for you when you get stuck. In German and English.
Free online word games, quizzes in more than a dozen different languages, free language and culture newsletters, 'word of the day' in 6 languages, and more edutainment for language learners.
* UniLang Free Language Courses
Free online language lessons (grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation) for English, Spanish, French, German, and many other languages. Good introduction to languages. Volunteers are needed to help add to the guides. (Formerly known as Languages Made Clear.)
* La Vanguardia Digital
Online Spanish newspaper.
* Verbix Online Conjugator
Online verb conjugation for more than 100 languages. Pick a language, enter a verb, and get its conjugation in more than a dozen different tenses.
* Verbs in Spanish Blog
Blog entries cover the conjugation of various Spanish verbs (both regular and irregular), and some more detailed lessons about Spanish verbs and conjugation.
* Vocabulary Training Exercises
Free online vocabulary training exercises to/from English, German, Spanish, or French. Tests include verbs, nouns, conjugations, and themed vocabulary sets (food, weather, etc.). Tests require a JavaScript-enabled browser.
About a dozen free Acrobat PDF documents for Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. The Spanish documents include verb conjugations and lists of examples of using por vs. para; the other languages have similar but fewer documents. Site is in German.
* VOX Dictionaries
Online searchable Spanish dictionary (words and definitions in Spanish) and Spanish-English translating dictionary.
* Web-Compjugador
Online program conjugates Spanish verbs in all tenses (in Spanish). Site is also in Spanish.
* Webspañol
Lots of Spanish-learning resources, including links to Spanish lessons online, Spanish-learning shareware, Spanish verb tips and info, and the Spanish alphabet and pronunciation.
* WordChamp
Offers free online vocabulary quizzes, some with audio, and allows members to create their own to share. Web Decoder feature allows you to view a Web site and show the translations for words/terms it recognizes by holding the mouse pointer over it. Forums allow language learners to communicate online.
* Online Dictionaries
Free online searchable English to/from Spanish, French, and Italian dictionaries. Dictionaries appear to be very large and quite comprehensive. Site also has a downloadable Web-browser toolbar to allow you to do quick word lookups and translate words on any Web page.
* WordSteps
Free online vocabulary quizzes for Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, and other languages. Members create shared dictionaries which you quiz yourself on through flashcards, multiple-choice, or translating activities to aid in memorization.
* Xosé Castro
Links to Spanish language-related resources including newspapers, universities, etc.

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