Hebrew/English Transliteration Alphabet

Name of Letter or Vowel 	Equivalent in English

Alef				Silent
Bet				B
Vet				V
Gimel				G (as in get)
Dalet				D
Hay				H (mostly silent)
Vav				V (sometimes it is used as a vowel)
Zayin				Z
Khet				Kh (used to be written as "ch" or "h" this is NOT "K")
Tet				T
Yod				Y (sometimes it is used as a vowel)
Kaf				K
Khaf				kh
Lamed				L
Mem				M
Nun				N
Samekh				S
Ayin				Silent
Pay				P
Fay				F
Tzadik				Tz (Same as the two "ZZ" in the word Pizza)
Kuf				K
Re'yish				R
Shin				Sh
Sin				S
Taf				T

As for the vowels, in translitration you need to read them
phonetically. For example: 
   Sha' lom = Peace and Hi

Orit Crutchfield