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  • Learn Spanish from 50+ modules covering pronunciation, nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, and other themes
  • Bilingual readings

  •       Theme based word lists (the theme is usually a movie)
          Grammar Reviews


    Section 1
       1.Pronunciation of vowels
        2.Pronunciation of consonants
        3.Syllable of emphasis
        4.Subject pronouns
        5.Present tense verbs- table included with the verbs amar, correr, vivir
        6.Nouns, singular vs. plural
        7.Nouns, gender of
        8.Adjectives- agreement with gender, singular vs. plural
        9.Adjectives,  Pronouns, Possessive

    Section 2
      1.Adverbs, Construction of
        4.Adverbs, List of- these weren't constructed from adjectives
        5.Ser vs. Estar- table included with first person present conjugation
        6.Preterit vs. Imperfect- includes table with preterit and imperfect of amar, correr, vivir
        7.Listing of Ser vs. Estar with both Preterit and Imperfect

    Section 3
      1.Conjugation of 10 Common Verbs
        2.Irregular verbs- g-verbs
        3.Irregular verbs- j-verbs
        4.Irregular verbs- e -> ie verbs
        5.Irregular verbs- o -> ue verbs
        6.Irregular verbs- i -> e verbs

    Section 4
       1.The Colors
        2.The Human Body
        4.Idioms using "to have"
        5.To want idioms
        6.Present Participles
        7.Past Participles

    Section 5
      1.Direct Object Pronouns
        2.Indirect Object Pronouns
        4.Irregular Tu Form Commands
        5.Reflexive Verbs
        6.Days of the Week
        7.Months of the Year
        8.Sentence Structure

    Section 6
       1.List of Adjectives
        2.Subjunctive Verbs
        3.Irregular Present Subjunctives
        5.Conditional Verbs
        6.Demonstrative Adjectives
        7.Demonstrative Pronouns
        8.Neuter Demonstrative Pronouns

     Section 7
       1.Irregular Verbs c -> qu
        2.Irregular Verbs g -> gu
        3.Irregular Verbs z -> c
        4.Irregular Verbs c -> z
        5.Irregular Verbs g -> j
        6.Irregular Verbs- laughter and smiles

    Section 8
       1.Para vs. Por
        2.Question forming adverbs (Interrogative Pronouns)
        3.Third person and infinitive only verbs
        4.Qué vs. Cuál
        5.Relative Pronouns
     6.Neuter Article

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